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Final Study Guide 5

Final Study Guide 5 - Our cultural values are imprinted on...

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"Romanticism and American National Parks" o Memory is shown through the way we commemorate certain landscapes National parks seek to freeze certain landscapes in time to that future generations can enjoy them as we enjoy them Romanticism focuses on the emotional intensity of an interaction with a landscape Those landscapes that were truly awe-inspiring were those worth being remembered Nature allows us to connect with God, these awesome landscapes should be preserved so that people can always shave a way to connect with God Certain places were set aside so that we would always have access to them o People hold a deep belief that certain landscapes are important Those landscapes that we set aside represent the values of our time By denoting certain places as special, we send a message to future generations about what is important in our society
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Unformatted text preview: Our cultural values are imprinted on the landscapes we choose to preserve • Also preserved are the cultural values of societies past, the feelings one gets in these certain places is believed to be the same across generations By preserving these special landscapes, we preserve the feeling and access to God that comes with them We set aside landscapes based on what we value at the moment o Man has an appreciation for the awesome power of nature • There are certain places that are truly awe-inspiring that we choose to set aside as sacred, we want to remember these places as they are right now • Other places are set aside for historical value, such as Gettysburg Places are remembered for different reasons, but nonetheless represent the values that a society holds at its time of commemoration...
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