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"Home Landscape" - William Kittredge Thursday, September 16, 2010 2:18 PM What is "landscape" for Kittredge? o "This landscape keeps becoming fiction" o Landscape is a combination of memory and imagination o When thinking about landscape, you draw not on what you actually saw but what you made up about the landscape because you can't remember everything that you saw o What is the basis for memories about places? He questions how you clearly you can remember certain landscapes and certain happenings that occurred in those landscapes as a child Memory is elusive, gives way to imagination about landscapes to fill in the gaps o What is the role of imagination in landscape? Imagination fills in the things about landscapes that are left out as memory fades Make sense of what you don't remember by making sense of what you do remember through imagination How "real" is landscape for Kittredge? o Reality invaded by dreams
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Unformatted text preview: o Kittredge made the mistake of going back to the landscape of his memory, it was different when he went back and changed how he remembered it • What are "virtual events"? o They aren't actual events, they are important events that arise from our wishes, fears, or emotions o One person may be afraid of something and consider it real, when another person doesn't fear that thing and it isn't real to them o What might Kittredge make of "virtual reality"? • What happened to Kittredge's childhood landscape? Why? o A part of the magic died, the magic is the combination of the memory and imagination o Pushing you to think about the role that landscape plays and how you mold that landscape as you change o Doesn't seem real, but it is to you o When you mold the landscape to fit who you are now, you will be different and thus the landscape will be molded differently...
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