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Motel By The Roadside

Motel By The Roadside - • What was the evolution in the...

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"Motel By The Roadside: America's Room For The Night" - John A. Jakle Tuesday, September 28, 2010 2:09 PM What was the nature of overnight sleeping facilities in American about a century ago? o Primary place to stay when away overnight was friends and family People were limited on where they could go because travel depended on where their friends an family lived Limit movement to places where they know they are welcome o Primary travel was by horse, some cars, or especially train Travel limited by the lay of train tracks and where trains choose to stop o Use of hotels right near the train stop Sometimes had to share rooms, some people were rich enough to afford their own room o The manufacture of the Model T changed the landscape of travel Cars give autonomy to travel when and where you want
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Unformatted text preview: • What was the evolution in the type of landscape during the 20th century? o The introduction of "auto-camps" to provide a place to park your car and stay for the night • These existed outside of the big cities to give travelers a place to stay in the country o Evolved into areas of cabins to give people an sense of home and an indoor place to stay o Advance by putting a bathroom in the cabin o Add parking deck to allow more people to stay o Expand motel with more floors the accommodate more patrons o Provide the comforts of home for families • Design places that encompass both business and family aspects together • Make places look like home, "home away from home"...
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