Nearer Than Eden

Nearer Than Eden - o Satisfaction • You can see payoffs...

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"Nearer Than Eden" - Jackson Thursday, November 11, 2010 2:17 PM Theme: Gardens are small expressions of deeply held values Character of earliest gardens: o Space - Bounded spaces (i.e. fences, hedges) Private Security (from people and animals) o Function - Food production Cultivated food for individual families o Value - Ownership Owned by people who owned nothing else Place of value to the bulk of people (i.e. poor) o Location - Adjacent to dwelling Convenience More secure (prevents people from taking your things Practical, not aesthetic Values represented in gardens: o Ownership The object is yours, you can use it whenever you want Gives you a sense of power and self-reliability over the object Part of separation at the individual level, gardens became private areas Individuality of territory that gave you a separate identity from anyone else
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Unformatted text preview: o Satisfaction • You can see payoffs from your work • Sociality (women) o Incessant labor • Must always be alert in order to protect the garden (from animals, weeds, etc.) o Place for innovation • Trial and error o Nature as creation • Manage nature • What remained after garden values transferred to open farm space? o Hand work • Gives satisfaction when work is done by hand (as opposed to using technology) • Do it even though don't need to, get personal satisfaction o Extension of a house • In the form of the yard o Family effort • Not just sociality between the larger, public group • Also includes the individual family working together o Sacred space • Place to spend time • Aesthetic, picturesque retreat...
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Nearer Than Eden - o Satisfaction • You can see payoffs...

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