Rise and Decline of the Miracle Vine

Rise and Decline of the Miracle Vine - o Legume - adds...

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"Rise and Decline of the 'Miracle Vine': Kudzu in the Southern Landscape" - John J. Winberry and David M. Jones Thursday, November 18, 2010 2:09 PM Theme: Intentional landscape changes may move beyond our control What and where is kudzu? o Kudzu is a vine that grows on practically anything o Located primarily in the Southeast Sub-tropical plant, thrives in warmer, wetter weather Cold climate in the north, dry climate in the west What have been the four stages of kudzu presence? o Kudzu is seen as a problem, blight on the landscape o Not indigenous to the United States, came from China o Brought over primarily as a decorative plant, meant to be a positive contribution to life experiences Original intention was to use for decoration o Planted on people's porches or near the house, climbed up columns, siding, etc. o Grows so fast that it became a nuisance People decided that they didn't want it growing by their houses
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Unformatted text preview: o Legume - adds nitrogen to the soil o Replenishes the soil, provides food for animals Stems too tough for animals to eat, only eat the leaves Stem keeps the vine alive Only partially edible, still didnt want it near houses Began to use it for soil conservation o Place it on hills, it grows so fast and covers the ground quickly o Used in road-cuts Too good for road-cuts, grew so fast that it came out and covered the road 4 stages o Brought over as decoration, people planted it by their houses o Grew too fast and became a nuisance, people didn't want it near their houses Decided to use it as feed for animals o The stems were too tough to eat, most animals only ate the leaves Failed as a useful food source, began to be used for soil conservation o Placed in road-cuts to prevent soil loss Too fast and covered the lightly travelled roads...
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