Roadside Restaurants and Place

Roadside Restaurants and Place - • How did roadside...

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"Roadside Restaurants and Place-Product-Packaging" - John A. Jakle Thursday, September 30, 2010 2:21 PM What are the major purposes of a product's brand name? o Easy and quick recognition o Represents a certain thing(i.e. logo or mascot) o Gives the impression of a certain standard upon the manufacturing of a product o Presentation of a product What is "place-product-packaging"? o Present a product not only as a produce but as an experience o People will get this experience regardless of how they get the product o Tie the product to a certain place to give people more of a feeling of specialty o Creating places where the product is something that can be repeated over and over again o Packaging more than the product and selling you the experience
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Unformatted text preview: • How did roadside eating establishment evolve during the 20th century? o Unique roadside stands o Standardized stores o Add a drive-through window o Use the building itself as an attention-getter Ex. 1950s Car hop drive-in --> 1950s Drive-in without car hop --> 1950s Teen hangout area --> Extra security at 1950s drive-in hangout --> Less security at 2006 drive-in hangout • How is this evolution of roadside restaurants a landscape expression of American culture? o What cultural need was served? • Efficiency and convenience for the customer • Family oriented environment • What cultural costs were incurred? o Homogenization of the landscape...
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Roadside Restaurants and Place - • How did roadside...

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