The Spell of the Land

The Spell of the Land - people o How do we read it o How is...

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"The Spell of the Land" - Dennis Wood Thursday, September 09, 2010 2:03 PM What is Woods' mood in the article? Why? o Outraged o Nostalgia - loss, the past that is no longer o Rhapsodic - lyrical writing, not necessarily structured on the page but reads as poetic o Sadness He cares about the land, he is in it and it is a part of himself How would Woods answer the questions: o What is landscape? - Landscape is nature, the only part that matters is being destroyed o What do we see? - a home for all living creatures, both land and life (including
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Unformatted text preview: people) o How do we read it? o How is landscape connected to culture and place? • Different "realities": o Life as individual/collective o Landscape as object/subject • A view of "wilderness" as landscape o Wilderness is what goes on in a landscape without people, very little true wilderness • Premise: We are intrinsic to the landscape. It is as much us as it is the natural landscape. • What is the "spell of the land"?...
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