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Theater of Sports - "Theater of Sports" - Karl B....

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"Theater of Sports" - Karl B. Raitz Thursday, October 07, 2010 2:08 PM What do "sports landscapes" tell us about culture? o Form of expression, just as literature or art express a style of culture o Sports require space on the landscape => cannot avoid them if you are in that area Landscape is being structured and designed to fit a certain sport, people design themselves in response to a certain sport as well Ex. UNC south campus, students must walk past Kenan or Boshamer Stadium everyday o Relevant to understanding a culture What are the similarities/differences between sports and games? o Sports - refer to something more active, fans, professional => more effort, referee, more important, organized o Games - laid back (no fans), hobby, less important, simple rules (ad hoc) o Both - rules o Ex. Tic-tac-toe vs. Soccer - Soccer requires more preparation, rules and has fans, whereas tic-tac-toe has none of these things What factors guide (or limit) the appearance of a sport's "theater"? o
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Theater of Sports - "Theater of Sports" - Karl B....

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