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Why Mow - • Frank Scott developed grass seed to help...

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"Why Mow?" - Michael Pollan Tuesday, November 09, 2010 2:14 PM How did the idea of "lawn" develop? o Create a space that appears entirely nature-provided, when in fact it is not o Planned to look unplanned o Creating and establishing order Imposing that order upon nature Cut down the trees, but then create something "natural" that can be managed o Translation of the English estate idea into a middle class setting What purpose did the idea originally serve? o Something that creates a distinction between my property and your property o Yard vs. Lawn Lawn in an expanse of manicured grass Yard can encompass the lawn, but includes other aspects of the area surrounding a house Yard - Old English word "gaerd", means enclosed space Lawn - comes from "land", open space Softens walls with plants and shrubs Grass covers the expanse between the house and the road
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Unformatted text preview: • Frank Scott - developed grass seed to help people grow full beds of grass in their yards • People with lawns needed lawnmowers • What purposes does the idea currently serve? o Shows that you're successful, perfectly green and smooth lawn o A good yard is seen as a commitment to the common good, contributing to the greater community o Frank Scott - "Front yard is public and it is selfish to think of your front yard as private" o Sidewalk • Adds to the sense of community • Connects all lawns, allowing people access to others • Protects lawns from possible dangers from the road • Space for utilities that aren't located under the street of in someone's yard • How susceptible is the idea to change or replacement? o New urbanism doesn't much consider lawns...
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