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Why Mow - Frank Scott - developed grass seed to help people...

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"Why Mow?" - Michael Pollan Tuesday, November 09, 2010 2:14 PM How did the idea of "lawn" develop? o Create a space that appears entirely nature-provided, when in fact it is not o Planned to look unplanned o Creating and establishing order Imposing that order upon nature Cut down the trees, but then create something "natural" that can be managed o Translation of the English estate idea into a middle class setting What purpose did the idea originally serve? o Something that creates a distinction between my property and your property o Yard vs. Lawn Lawn in an expanse of manicured grass Yard can encompass the lawn, but includes other aspects of the area surrounding a house Yard - Old English word "gaerd", means enclosed space Lawn - comes from "land", open space Softens walls with plants and shrubs Grass covers the expanse between the house and the road
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Unformatted text preview: Frank Scott - developed grass seed to help people grow full beds of grass in their yards People with lawns needed lawnmowers What purposes does the idea currently serve? o Shows that you're successful, perfectly green and smooth lawn o A good yard is seen as a commitment to the common good, contributing to the greater community o Frank Scott - "Front yard is public and it is selfish to think of your front yard as private" o Sidewalk Adds to the sense of community Connects all lawns, allowing people access to others Protects lawns from possible dangers from the road Space for utilities that aren't located under the street of in someone's yard How susceptible is the idea to change or replacement? o New urbanism doesn't much consider lawns...
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