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RESUME TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS 1. Final hiring decisions are rarely based solely upon the resume. The resume is your advertisement (just like the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s arches) that will get you an interview. The resume should be a concise, factual, and positive listing of your education, employment history, and accomplishments. 2. Make sure your resume is PERFECT! It only takes one error in spelling, punctuation, or grammar to cause an employer to stop reading. Ask people to proofread your resume. Go over it with a fine tooth comb. 3. Limit your resume to one page. Only people with a great deal of related experience should have resumes longer than one page. 4. One inch margins around the page and blank lines between sections will make all the information easier to read. Use a 10-point font size minimum and avoid overuse of italics, bold, and underlining. 5. Since you probably have little work experience, you will want to emphasize your accomplishments in and out of the classroom. Volunteer activities, hobbies, sports,
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