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Dream Job Presentation HTM 190 We all have our dream jobs. Here is your chance to highlight yours and brag a little. The final day of class you will present your “dream job” to the group. Think about what your ultimate position would be and see what you can find out about it. This should be a fun assignment to work on and present. The idea is to show some enthusiasm about your future and share it with the class. You never know – your future ticket to this great job could be in the room! Remember, networking is EVERYTHING! Please take a look at the notes below when putting your presentation together. The way you present is up to you – but you will be graded on your creativity, enthusiasm and information shared!
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Unformatted text preview: Topics you can include: What position do you want? How did you decide on that position? How will you make sure you are ready for that position? What companies offer this position? Are there any local companies that offer the position? What are the steps to take during your college career to land your dream job? What are the steps to take in the company to get to the dream job? What is the salary range for the position? What is the work environment like? Your presentation must be at least 5 minutes . The more energetic & informative the better! Dont forget to be creative and learn how you are going to open that door!...
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