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History Midterm Terms - History Midterm Terms 1. Bipolar...

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History Midterm Terms 1. Bipolar World- polarity that resulted after the World Wars in 1945. Power shifted from multiple countries to just U.S. and the Soviet. Important causation of the Cold War. 2. NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Started in 1949 with the aim to contain communism. Soviets responded with the Warsaw Pact. 3. Warsaw Pact- Soviet’s response to the NATO. Signed by communist states in 1954 for mutual alliance and protection. 4. Truman Doctrine- policy set forth by President Truman in 1947 to agree to support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid to prevent communistic influence. 5. Soviet Buffer Zone- the countries on the borders of the Soviet regime. 6. Berlin Wall- wall put up by East Germany to stop people from crossing into West Germany. This wall divided Berlin in halves. It was put up in 1961. The destruction of the wall signified the end of the Cold War. 7. Gandhi- political and spiritual leader of India during the India Independence movement. Influenced many other leaders such as MLK. Promoted peaceful demonstrations. Assassinated by an extremist in1948. 8. Indian National Congress- founded in 1885 with the goal to achieve greater share of the government for educated Indians. Lead the independence movement. Powerful political party at the time with Nehru in power. 9. Nationalists vs. Communists- The two opposing parties during the Chinese civil war despite their cooperated effort at getting rid of the Japanese in WWII. Communists under Mao won in the end and drove most of the Nationalists to Taiwan. Communists were backed by the Soviets while the Nationalists were backed by the States. 10. Chian Kai-shek- leader of the nationalist party of China during the civil war. Attempt at
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History Midterm Terms - History Midterm Terms 1. Bipolar...

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