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Guo 1 Paper Outline Introduction. Thesis: Mao and Nehru had very similar visions for the futures of their respective nations. Both leaders wanted their countries to be completely independent from foreign control, follow a Marxist ideology and avoid capitalism, and they believed that industrialization is the key to economic success. Despite the many similarities shared by Mao and Nehru, they held contrasting foreign policies and economic goals for the general mass of the population. Paragraph 1- The way both leaders were influenced by the colonial past of their countries. 1. Both China and India were afflicted by foreign aggression and colonialism. 2. Nehru was heavily influenced by western education and Mao was also touched by western ideologies. 3. Both leaders disliked imperialists, but while Mao was outraged and wanted to save China from over a century of humiliation, Nehru found himself liking many
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Unformatted text preview: of the British people that he personally associates with. Paragraph 2- Similarities in their goals for the futures for their countries. 1. Complete sovereignty and independence from foreign control. 2. Improving the ecomomy through industrialization. 3. Both were influenced by Marxism but Mao wanted a more rigid Communist state. Paragraph 3- Differences between the leaders’ ideas. 1. Contrasting foreign ecomonic policies: Mao wanted a closed system while Nehru wanted to cooperate with foreigh markets. 2. Contrasting foreign relations policies: Mao alligned China with the Soviet side for the Cold War while Nehru refused to take sides on the matter. 3. Diff. goals when it comes to the mass of the population: Mao wanted the peasants to be the dominant group and everyone to have that kind of a status while Nehru wanted every Indian to achieve upperclass status. Conlusion...
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