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Music Terms Midterm 1

Music Terms Midterm 1 - 18 Strophic Form form in which...

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Music Terms 1. Lieto Fine- “happy ending” in music 2. Protension- guessing what will happen next 3. Rondo- ABACA 4. Scherzo- a lively movement in a piece of music 5. Period- two parallel phrases that begin the same and end different 6. Topos- a common style or feature shared by the music of the same category. (sonority, rhythm, etc. for minuets) 7. 3 types of cadences- Apathetic, Plagal, Deceptive 8. Plagal cadence- subdominant to tonic chord 9. Rounded Binary Form- AA BA’ BA’ 10. Beethoven’s musical style- good at manipulating musical time, insistence and persistence 11. Codetta- ending of a section 12. Cadence- section that leads to the end of a musical phrase 13. Fughetta- small fugue 14. Recitative- narrative song that places emphasis on speech 15. Aria- music that places more emphasis on melody and less on speech 16. Ritornello- “returning” instrumental segment 17. Vivaldian Ritornello- initial section, spinning out section, and cadential section
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Unformatted text preview: 18. Strophic Form- form in which several stanzas of words each have the same number of notes 19. Minuet- dance form played in a moderately fast tempo in triple meter 20. Coda- ending to a section in sonata form 21. Trio- composition for 3 solo voices or instruments 22. Cantatas- a collection of arias and choruses that Bach had to write each week 23. Common Practice- rules that show which chord should come after another 24. Hegelian Dialectic- the idea that for any idea, there will be an opposite one 25. Cantabile- song-like music 26. Cantus Firmus- technique that uses slow-moving tune that goes underneath a more rapid vocal or instrumental line 27. Sequence- a progression of chords which ends in a cadence 28. Movement- complete, self-contained section within 29. Ornamental Variation- repeating the variation over and over with slight differences 30. Character Variation- each variation has a distinct topos...
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Music Terms Midterm 1 - 18 Strophic Form form in which...

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