Music Terms Midterm 2

Music Terms Midterm 2 - 9. Augmentation- lengthening or...

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Schumann Terms: 1. Strophic Form- form in which several stanzas of words each have the same number of notes 2. Lied/lieder- song/German art song characterized by the setting of a poetic text 3. Song Cycle- is a group of songs designed to be performed in a sequence as a single entity 4. Neuezeitschrift fur Music- “New Journal for Music” had substantial influential on German taste 5. Lyrisches Intermezzo/Buch der Lieder- Lyrical Interlude/Book of Songs. Source of Dicterliebe take from Heinrich Heine 6. Henrich Heine- one of the most significant German poets of the 19 th century 7. Clara Wieck- wife of Schumann and daughter of Friedrich Wieck 8. Romanza- a lyrical piece for voice; it conveys a light narrative ballad. a short instrumental piece of song-like character
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Augmentation- lengthening or widening of rhythms, meters, etc Mendelssohn Terms A Midsummer Night's Dream The Tale of the Beautiful Melusina 1. Concert Overture- single-movement concert piece for orchestra that is generally based on some literary theme 2. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra- the oldest symphony orchestra in the world that is located in Leipzig, Germany 3. Konradin Kreutzer- German composer/conductor. Author to the opera “The Tale of the Beautiful Melusina” 4. August Wilhelm Schlegel- German poet and translator. Translated “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare 5. Sonata-rondo form- a blend of sonata and rondo forms (ABA’CA’’B’A’’’. .)...
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Music Terms Midterm 2 - 9. Augmentation- lengthening or...

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