Music Terms Midterm 3

Music Terms Midterm 3 - 3 Igor Stravinsky Russian composer...

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Music Terms Midterm 3 Symphony No. 3 in F major. Johannes Brahms 1. Joseph Joachim- Austrian violinist; also a composer; Brahms’ friend who had the motto Frei Aber Einsam (FAE, single but lonely). 2. Edward Hanslick- wrote “On the Beautiful in Music.” Says music has no subject but itself, it is abstract patterns of sound (power of imagination). 3. Soggetto Cavato- a method in which vowels or consonants are abstracted and converted into notes of a scale. 4. Absolute Music- music that is absolved of extra musical meaning. (not representational, opposite of program music) 5. Continually Developing Variation- variation in which only the 1 st variation is related to the main theme. (like telephone in music) 6. Neoclassical- composer using classical forms and adding something new. (new sonorities) Petroushka. Igor Stravinsky 1. Serge Diaghilev- impresario (choreographer); wealthy background, used money to promote Russian art, including Stravinsky’s. 2. Ballet Russes- Russian Ballet.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Igor Stravinsky- Russian composer. Also composed “Firebird”, “Rite of Spring”, etc. 4. Divertissement- a brief light ballet in the middle of a larger usually providing a break from the main plot. 5. Ostinato- a brief melodic figure that is repeated excessively and associated with folklore. (make something sound oriental) 6. Pablo Picasso- famous for Cubism; designed sets for Diaghilev. 7. Alexander Benois- French set designer who also worked for Diaghilev; designed the set for Stravinsky’s Petroushka. 8. Planing- playing parallel chords in succession. 9. Polymetric- involving more than one meter. 10. Petroushka/ “Punch”- a stock character in Russian folktales. (avg Joe) 11. Carnival/ Shrove Tide- Season of celebration right before lent. People violate rules and authorities ignore it. 12.Octatonic Scale- scale dividing the octave into 8 parts. (Alt. between half and whole steps) 13....
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Music Terms Midterm 3 - 3 Igor Stravinsky Russian composer...

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