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1 Umm Al-Qura University Department of Computer Science 1431214-3 and 1401214-3 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming Homework #1 Due dates: Will be given in the class Note: Clearly explain your answers and show all your work! Just writing the answer without any explanation will not be enough to get full points. For the following questions in each category: Write the 68HC11 instruction needed to implement the task Describe the operation implemented by the instruction using the notation used in Table 1 of Programming Reference Guide. You may also refer to detailed description about each instruction in Appendix A of the Reference Manual. Write the machine language code for that instruction in hexadecimal notation. Give any additional answers required by the question. (Q1) Load A with data from memory location (address) $D0F2. (Q2) Store B into memory location whose address is obtained by adding an offset of $20 to the index register Y. (Q3) Add with carry to B and to data at memory location $202C and store the result in B. Assuming
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