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ECON 220 Unit 3 DB

ECON 220 Unit 3 DB - ECON 220 Unit 3 DB Cheri Bolin Texas...

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ECON 220 Unit 3 DB Cheri Bolin May 12, 2011 Texas BBQ has a style of its own. BBQ is uniquely different throughout the United States and enjoyed by many. Texas BBQ brisket differs in each quadrant of Texas. The four quadrants of Texas are; East Texas, Central Texas, South Texas, and West Texas. Central and East Texas BBQ brisket is very well-known throughout the state. I reside in Little River Academy, which is a small-town in Central Texas, were BBQ is a statewide tradition. There are numerous amounts of BBQ restaurants throughout all of Texas. Texas BBQ brisket would be considered a perfectly competitive market in Texas. It is said that BBQ brisket originated in Central Texas in the mid-19th century, when German and Czech settlers introduced European meat smoking traditions. Many of our well-known barbecue establishments of Texas originated as butcher shops. The first BBQ dinner is said to be in Johnson City, Texas, with President Lyndon B Johnson and the Mexican president in 1964. Central Texas BBQ was established in the 19th century in the towns of Lockhart, Lulling and Taylor.
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