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MGMT 290 1102A unit 4 group project DB Q&A

MGMT 290 1102A unit 4 group project DB Q&A - MGMT...

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MGMT 290 1102A-20 Unit 4 Group Project –DB Cheri Bolin May 20, 2011 Delegation has several different meanings depending upon the role of who may be implementing the delegation. Delegation in terms of management is defined as; empowering an individual (a subordinate) other than you (a superior) to convey a small portion of an employers or superiors function or tasks (Krugman & Wells, 2009). Effective delegation is important for leadership and management because they are still held accountable for the outcome of the delegated task or function (PM HUT, 2008). Effective delegation can assist in efficient time management as well as save the organization money. Many superiors use delegation as a team building tool or to promote better motivational skills (Time Management - Guide.com, 2002). Poorly managed delegated tasks or functions may cause unnecessary frustration or confusion among the individuals involved (Time Management - Guide.com, 2002).
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