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MGMT 290 unit 1 db

MGMT 290 unit 1 db - Unit 1 DB assignment If I were a...

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Unit 1 – DB assignment April 29, 2011 If I were a manager of a large global manufacturing and services organization trying to explain to my grandfather, how management has changed within the past decade, I would begin by saying that management has changed drastically for many reasons. There are two main reasons that I believe have made a major an impact on management. The first impact on management is, outside environment. Outside environment influences can be, things such as; demographics, social environment, political – legal environment and economic and technological environments (Hartman, 2011). Economic and technological environments can bring many transitions to a company, especially when similar companies are nearby. Competition falls into the same category of outside environments. To avoid impacts from competition, a company should lower prices, improve quality, and take advantage of promotional advertising (Management Information Systems (MIS), 2003). Social environments are extremely important as well. A firm must stay on top of changes within their company, to ensure the community's needs are met. Changes in external and internal outside environments can be very stressful on management but if they remember a few important strategies management can succeed. The strategies management must remember includes; the ability to take
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