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Grade Template for Journals Each requirement is worth 5 points A = 5 – 4.5 B = 4.4 – 4 C = 3.9 – 3.5 D = 3.4 – 3 E = 2.9 or below Requirement: Shows careful reading and clear understanding of the primary source documents and/or relevant portions of the textbook Requirement : Demonstrates that you have very sound understanding of the historical context of the issue under discussion and can apply it to your interpretation of the primary source documents when required.
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Unformatted text preview: Requirement : Essay is a thoughtful analysis of the issue/s asked for. Requirement : Student makes appropriate connections and specific references to the both the textbook and primary source reading as required. Requirement : The essay sufficiently detailed and well organized. The essay meets the minimum word count and is well written in standard English. (Style, grammar and organization will impact this grade)...
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