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FIN 3220A Actuarial Models I Tutorial 5 9 November 2005 .. (2) 1. A basic life annuity due of $1 per year is paid to (90) where x 90 91 92 93 l x 100 72 39 0 is the survival model and i = 0.06. Find a 90 , assuming the UDD. 2. Let Y be the present value random variable for a life annuity-due of 1 per annum, payable monthly to (65). Find the variance of Y, according to the
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Unformatted text preview: illustrative life table. 3. Calculate the APV of a life annuity of 1000 per year paid continuously to (25), using the values from illustrative life table. 4. Y is the present value random variable of an annuity paying $1 per year to (x) continuously. Find mean and median of Y if µ = 0.015 and δ = 0.045....
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