Design Experiment Report Rubric S11 JM

Design Experiment Report Rubric S11 JM - Lab Report on Lab...

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Lab Report on Lab 23 Physiology Design Experiment – Worth 120 points – Place —, 3 -, 3 , or 3 +. Refer to pg. 94-97 for Lab Report Final Checklist in Knisely, SBU ed. Use the Name-Year system for citations (p. 62). Individual report for all students excluding revised Methods – Upload to Safe Assign prior to Lab – Bring Hard copy to Lab. Report Sections Cover Page Informative title, name, date, section, lab partners and TA ¾ Cover page is complete and accurate ; -5 points if any parts are missing Incomplete (-5) Introduction (20 pts) – Knisely pp. 53-54, 96 – 97 ____/ 20 Pertinent Background information introduces readers to Rationale for the experiment(s) Pertinent Background information flows from broad to specific Experiments introduced with specific questions or objectives. Hypothesis statement and expected outcomes (predictions) clearly stated Comments: Materials and Methods (20 pts) - Knisely pp. 32-36, 97 – 99 ____ /20 Important procedural steps written concisely in paragraph form using past tense Includes sufficient information for a peer to repeat the experiment Experimental variables are explicitly described (do not use “standard” or “design” terms) Controls and pertinent aspects of data collection and analysis are described All procedures are properly cited Trivial details are omitted Comments: Results (40 pts) - Knisely pp. 36-52, 99 – 101 Written _____ / 25 Figures/Tables _____ /15 Observations and trends are written in clear narrative format. References to tables and figures are included in the text. Observations (results) are summarized in tables and/or figures as needed. All figures and tables have descriptive captions that stand alone and are comprehensible.
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Design Experiment Report Rubric S11 JM - Lab Report on Lab...

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