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Lab 16 Data Analysis B – Group Assignment based on LM p. 55 Please complete this as a group based on your group’s gel. If you did not isolate DNA or your uncut standard did not work, view the gel of other class members. There were at least 2 other groups that isolated plasmid DNA from the same bacterial culture as your group. Attach picture to assignment. 1. Did you isolate DNA and what is the relative amount between your two plasmid samples ? For example, you may have dense bands (▬) for one plasmid and faint bands ( ) for the other. Normally the band density is correlated with the amount of DNA in the sample. However there are other possible reasons why one sample contains more DNA than another such as pipetting and gel loading errors, etc. 2 points 2. What percentage of the DNA was digested? 2 points a. You need to compare the uncut control lane with DNA in the digested lanes to determine
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