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Lab22 lab tutor activities - Laboratory Protocols 1. Lab...

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1 Laboratory Protocols 1. Lab Safety and Troubleshooting Safety o The drugs that you use in lab have an effect on humans. Wear gloves when using and do not splash into your eyes. If the drugs come into contact with your eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. There is an eye wash station at the sink in the back of the lab. o The push button switch and cardio microphone are perfectly safe when connected to Input 1 or Input 2 of a PowerLab. However, those inputs are not isolated and must not be used for direct electrical connection to human subjects. Troubleshooting o No visible ECG signal : Check electrode connections, and make sure lead wires are attached correctly. o Noisy ECG signal : The most common issue when recording ECG is noise from external sources, including: Computer monitors Fluorescent overhead lamps Power supplies Biological noise – such as body movements or poor conduction of electrodes due to improper adhesion technique. Advise students to wipe their skin with ethanol and use the abrasive cream prior to applying the electrodes. Also, they should sit still. o Frog Heart Moisten the heart every 2-3 minutes with Frog ringers. Do not let it desiccate. Failure to record a clean ECG of the heart may be due to lack of a good connection between the heart and the ECG leads. Do not pull the heart out of the frog’s thoracic cavity; lifting the heart out of the ringer’s solution will cause students to have no ECG and will cause the heart to desiccate.
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Lab22 lab tutor activities - Laboratory Protocols 1. Lab...

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