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4/8/2011 1 Agenda y Safety Check y Procedure Checks y Selection of Lab Tutor Exercises y Check out Equipment per group y Experimental Design Setup and Calibration y Run Experiments y Cleanup y Instructor Observation Form y Group Discussion y Additional time? Discuss data with lab group, work on analyses, apply statistics and begin working on the lab report. Group Discussion: y What question(s) did we ask and was our experiment designed to provide valid answers to the question(s)? y What was our hypothesis? y What instructions must be included in our methods section? y How should we present and analyze our data? y Were there trends in the data? What information should we include in our results? y What figure(s) and/or tables should be included in the results? y What were our overall conclusions? y Were thereflaws in our designflaws? If we had the time and resources, how could our experiment be improved? y What statistics will we apply to our data? Class Discussion y Briefly define the group’s experiment (30 seconds). y What were your predictions (30 seconds)?
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Unformatted text preview: y What data did you collect (30 seconds)? y Share insights (1½ minute)? y Oops, what should we have done. y What? We were supposed to use a control? y If only I had more time… y Can we apply statistics on a n=1? y Nothing worked…now what do we do? y Is it too late to change groups? Lab Checkout y Turn in lab notebooks. y Competency Exam Schedule – Visit the BLC now! y Lab 24 Preparation: Read the lab, view podcast bring gloves (bacteria) quiz on Lab podcast, bring gloves (bacteria), quiz on Lab 24 podcast and pre ‐ lab. y Check in Lab Tutor packets y Bench check out y Push your chairs in Assignments and Grading y Lab 23 report is due week of the Competency Exam. y Shared data but an INDIVIDUAL report (you may share Methods) y Upload to SafeAssign before coming to lab. y Bring hard copy of report to submit at beginning of competency exam....
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