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Presentation Worksheets s11 - Name _Instructor_Section _...

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Name ______________________Instructor_______________Section _____ Date ______ Presentation Worksheet (Due week of Feb 7) : The Presentation Worksheet is an Outline of the main points to be included in your poster presentation. Directions: Use this Worksheet Template to record your answers and upload it to Safe Assign once it is complete. Turn in a hard copy to your Instructor. Place your answers in regular type, not bold face. Remember to attach the first page of your 2 references to the back of your Worksheet hard copy. 1. Heading: Topic, Name, Date, Class, Section a. Attach a Photocopy of title page Author, title, journal, year, volume, pages (hard copy only) 2. Briefly describe the topic, living population, or problem from the manuscript. 3. Describe the fundamental question, discovery, or nature of the problem(s), question(s), issues, or controversies driving the research efforts in this investigation. 4. What key terminology must be defined early in your presentation?
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Presentation Worksheets s11 - Name _Instructor_Section _...

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