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safe assign submission

safe assign submission - SafeAssignment Instructions...

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This information was copied from the Bb help for students. http://library.blackboard.com/ref/cfe7cf10-620a-43d2-ba13-7ac99b3cd1d2/index.htm Submit a SafeAssignment SafeAssignments appear in content areas throughout courses. How to Submit a SafeAssignment 1. From a content area within a course, select the SafeAssignment and click View/Complete. The Upload SafeAssignment page appears. 2. Complete the fields using the following table. Field Description Name Displays the tile of the
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Unformatted text preview: SafeAssignment . Instructions Displays the instructions for the SafeAssignment . Comments Enter any comments for the Instructor in this field. File to Attach Click Browse to locate a file to upload as a SafeAssignment . Global Reference Database Select this option to upload your paper to the Global Reference Database. It will be used to check papers from other schools for plagiarism. The paper will only be used to check for plagiarism. 3. Click Submit....
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