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10/1/2009 1 Labor Unions A short history of unions & the labor movement Labor unions are a traditional American institution Until the 1940s, most Americans had unfavorable opinions of unions The American Federation of Labor rang in the modern era of unions in 1886 With the emergence of the large corporation, individual workers had little bargaining power Thousands of workers banded together did have some leverage A short history of the labor movement (continued) Employers fought labor unions tooth and nail Union members were blacklisted Those who were suspected of union sympathies were fired Court orders were obtained to prevent strikes Sometimes private detectives, labor goons, and sympathetic local police were used to put down strikes violently
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10/1/2009 2 Craft unions vs. industrial unions Craft unions composed of members with a particular skill (for example, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, IBEW) regardless of the industry in which they work. Industrial unions Members are workers in a particular industry regardless of occupation (United Auto Workers, for example) Types of union shops Closed shop: workers must belong to the union before they can be hired Union shop: workers must join the union within a specific time period of employment, usually 30 days Agency shop: employees are not required to join the union but must pay dues to compensate union for services Open shop: employees can choose to join or not join the union Key labor legislation National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act, 1935): put the force of government behind collective bargaining Taft-Hartley Act (1947): put forth as a measure to protect “employers” rights Right to work laws that prohibit union shops Severely limits closed shops 80 day cooling period Landrum-Griffin Act (1959): defined the rights of
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NOTE_Lecture_19B_-_Labor_Unions - Labor Unions A short...

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