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Unformatted text preview: Week 2 Discussion Post: Lisa Phillips The relationship between culture and business is very visible. The value system and norms of a country influence the cost of doing business (Hill, 2010). Culture like with most things changes over time. What are the affects of a culture changing to a business? When you have a country (Country A) that is one culture, and they want to grow internationally with another country (Country B), Country A needs to be aware of the culture differences between themselves and the other country involved. Example would be Country A has evolved into a relaxed more up to date culture. They believe in sharing and caring, educating the youth, also helping the fellow man. A big business in Country A wants to expand its business internationally. This leads the businesspersons to start looking in different countries and trying to find the right one to expand in. Country B has potential; however, the culture and language difference could stop them. Country B has five more holidays then Country A, also the religious aspect is far from difference could stop them....
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