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英文面试:工作目标篇 Career Career Career Career Goal Goal Goal 有时候面试中招聘者会提问应聘者有关工作目标的问题,目的就是了解应聘者做事的风 格,以及应聘者对这份工作的看法。当然由于应聘者还不是很了解自己所应聘的工作,在回 答问题时并不一定面面俱到,因为在实际当中会碰到自己计划中所没有考虑到的问题,所以 大致说明自己的计划目标就好了。 WORDS WORDS EXPRESSIONS EXPRESSIONS 基本词汇表达 goal-oriented 目标明确的 long-range 长期的 administrative 管理的 organizational 组织的 rapidly 迅速地 superior 上级 supervise 监督,管理,指导 typical 典型的 BASIC BASIC EXPRESSIONS EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达 【面试方】: 1) Are you a goal-oriented person? 你是一个目标明确的人吗? 2) Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you do to achieve them. 告诉我你最近 的一些目标以及如何实现它们。 3) What are your short-term goals? 你的近期目标是什么? 4) What is your long-range objective? 你的长远目标是什么?
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5) Where do you want to be 5 years from now in your career? 五年内你的事业想达到什么 水平? 6) How long would you stay with us? 你能在我们这里呆多长时间? 7 How long would you like to stay with this company ?你会在本公司服务多久呢? 8) What do you think of this industry's outlook in five years ? 你认为五年内这个行业的发 展状况如何? 9 If you had a lot of money to donate, where would you donate it to Why ?假如你有很多 钱可以捐赠,你会捐给什么单位?为什么? 10 What is most important in your life right now ?眼下你生活中最重要的是什么? 11 What current issues concern you the most ?目前什么事是你最关心的? 12 Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now ?你能预料五年 后你会做什么吗? 13 What would you like to be doing five years from now? 你能设想一下五年后你在做什 么吗? 14 where you would like to be doing five years from now? 你能设想一下五年后你想做到 哪一个层次吗? 15 where you want to be doing five years from now? 你能设想一下五年后你想做到哪一 个层次吗? 【应聘方】: 1 That obviously depends on how things go - whether I'm suited to the firm and the firm to me. 这显然要依事情的发展而定,得看我和公司之间是否互相适合。
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