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Axia College Material Appendix B Final Exam Access the Electronic Reserve Readings link on your student Web site for Week Nine. Select one of the topics below and read both articles that present opposing sides of the argument surrounding that topic. o Animal experimentation o Outsourcing o Media violence Answer the following questions in paragraphs of approximately 100 words demonstrating your critical and creative thinking skills. 1. Identify if the topic you chose, as presented by both articles, is a problem or an issue and explain what makes it a problem or an issue. If you believe the articles present both problems and issues, identify and explain what the problems are and what the issues are. When it comes to my topic, which is animal experimentation. The way that I see it is as a issue more than a problem I see it as a problem because it is a problem that we all have and everyone has something to say about it. Animal experimentation is an issue as well because we all have some disagreements and agreements on it and then again some of us are against it and some of us are not. It is a problem because it is here and it is an issue because of the differences we all feel about the subject as an individual . 2. Were the problems or issues expressed effectively? Describe how the problems or issues were or were not best expressed.  Problems are expressed clearly, but the issues are  somewhat confusing and taken wrong. Some of the issues that are clear and easy to answer to  be effective would be if you are against it or not and if you think it should seize and be stopped 
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hum111r3_Appendix_B - Axia College Material Appendix B...

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