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Why did I choose a recreation worker to go into

Why did I choose a recreation worker to go into - and to...

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Artuso, J. 4. Why did I choose a recreation worker to go into? I chose this career because I like people. I enjoy helping them have a good time and like helping people having a great time. When you have fun with children it brings back memories of you when you were a kid. Sports is a thing I love and if I can play with children it just makes it a whole lot funner. You can play many different games that you’ve played before and learn tons of new stuff about that game, that you didn’t know before when playing it early in your lifetime. Playing these types of games with children also can keep you fit and active as well. For a fitness worker I love have a good looking body, who doesn’t? I love being active. If I can help other people transform their body, I can make a huge difference in their life. For me I would have to give full attention to what other people are saying, take time to understand the point;s being made, asking questions,
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Unformatted text preview: and to not interrupt them when their speaking. To get a person to listen to my instructions when I teach them something I need to motivate, develop, and direct them as they do the exercise or activity. I love working hard everyday to look have a good body and also train for a sport. To be fit or train for a sport you have to work extremly hard, it’s not a walk in a park. If you keep your mind to it you can become that person that you want to be. That’s what I would love to do. Artuso, J. 5. In Conclusion, Recreation and fitness workers should like working with people. They need to have good health and be physically fit. This career can benefit you in the long run and can be very fun. The careers can have many advantages of working with many different types of people, while helping them be healthy. Both careers can teach you new things that you haven’t learned before and can help you to be involved with the clients that you have....
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