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week 3 checkpoint - " Homework Overview KISHA GRAVELY...

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Unformatted text preview: " Homework Overview - KISHA GRAVELY - Windows Internet Explorer B http:.I'l'www.mathxl.comJ'StudentIOverviewHomework.aspx?homeworkld=23491043&fromPlayer=1&back= a: E] figSearch -00 Ev ‘9 *v lg fl Share' fl Bookmarks' » a m&*&@ fi o . . sags ” M @Q Land-M Q KISHAGRAVELY 43'163'11 11:49PM ' i Homework Overview Legend—D—(‘D— l l Nan'le Week Three CheckPoint Last Worked U4I15f11 11:49pm Current Score 88.9% [24- points out of 2?) Number of times you can work each question unless otherwise lndicated: unlirnited gfi Changes WILL affect your score. Go to Results to practice Without chanolno vour score. Questions: 27 Scored: 25 Correct: 24 Partial Credit: 0 Incorrect: 1 J Question 1. (ill) f.) J Question 2 Elli) f.) J Question 3 (lflj J Question 4 (ill) QTH J Question 5 (ill) a) J gm (lfl) J Question 7 (ill) a) J Question 3 (iii) J Question 9 (in) a) | a 100% ...
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