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Appendix A Final Project Overview and Timeline Final Project Overview When working with children, it is important to have an awareness of their development process. Knowing the normal development patterns of children will allow you to better relate to their needs at various ages, recognize possible problems or disorders in their development, and communicate effectively with faculty, staff, and parents. In Week Six, you are asked to choose two age groups and describe the normal physical development of each. In Week Eight, you are required to add the emotional development perspective to the profiles of the two groups. You add to the physical and emotional profiles by describing the comparative cognitive, intellectual, language, reading and writing, social, and interpersonal development of the two to complete your final project in Week Nine. Include visual aids to accompany your explanation of the development
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Unformatted text preview: process; this may be a Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® presentation, flowchart, or any type of visual aid showing a comparison of the development for each age. You must also compose a final paper that supports the visual portion of the project. Final Project Timeline You should budget your time wisely and work on your project throughout the course. It is suggested that you use the timeline below to designate an appropriate amount of time for your research and writing. Suggested in Week One : Read the Final Project Overview and Timeline in Appendix A. Due in Week Six : Choose two age groups and compare the physical development of each. Due in Week Eight : Complete the Social and Moral Development assignment. Due in Week Nine : Submit your final project....
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