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CheckPoint: Multiple Intelligence Theory The subject that I would choose for this assignment would be science. There are many ways in which I could assess a child’s knowledge. However, I plan on evaluating their performance. When it comes to Spatial Intelligence , I would provide an experiment where they would have to come up with their own ways to reach the final conclusion. All the material will be supplied and a visual of what the outcome should look like will be provided. Interpersonal Intelligence : I would then tell the students to get in to groups and discuss with each other their thoughts and ideas they had for the experiment. What he or she would be a good way of reaching
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Unformatted text preview: the correct outcome. Next they will use Linguistics Intelligence to debate on three methods that they all think should be tried to get the final outcome. Each student will have to provide a persuasive argument why his or her idea should be used as one of the final three methods. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence : By formulating and testing hypothesis about the observed reaction of the experiment. Intrapersonal Intelligence : Their homework will be to write an essay on how working alone felt compared to working as a group and what would they have changed?...
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