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Proper Emotional Reaction Checkpoint A middle and high school instructor will see children in different emotional phases throughout their life. Levels of emotion differ from adolescence years, middle childhood, early childhood, and formative years. Teachers have to constantly be aware of their student’s demeanor. Expect to see several emotional qualities from the children within the classroom. Joy, hatred, depression, and anxiety can all be incorporated with these qualities of emotion. Due to student’s stages of growth, individuals could have appropriate or inappropriate emotional reactions. Taking into consideration the length of time children are in school, each child at some point will encounter pleasure. Pleasure can occur when a student gets and A on a test or paper, hanging out with their friends, or getting free time. Sometimes just a simple smile or laughter can be an appropriate retort from any particular moment. Sad emotions or grimace are the opposite reactions of joy. Another emotional trait is fear; fear is seen in numerous children at every grade
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