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Week 3 checkpoint - irrelevant stimuli 2 They have an...

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Week 3 CheckPoint: Stages of Cognitive Development I. Infancy 1. Throughout infancy (from birth to 2 years old) an infant learns to identify the sound of their loved ones voice 2. The baby will learn to focus his or her vision, such as their periphery vision (outside corner to center) 3. From age one to two the infant becomes progressively more mobile 4. The child will be more aware of his or her self as well as their surroundings 5. The infant will develop a greater independence. II. Early Childhood 1. In early childhood (from 2 years to six years) a toddler cognitive development is represented much more, such as: A. Metacognitive growth B. Increased aptitude to utilize and comprehend symbols C. Magical beliefs III. Middle Childhood 1. During middle age childhood (from 6 years to 10 years) children have a growing capacity to listen to vital stimuli and pay no attention to
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Unformatted text preview: irrelevant stimuli. 2. They have an escalating knowledge and thought of symbolic nature. 3. At this age children are progressively automating basic skills. 4. There is an incline in experience of environments other than their home. IV. Early Adolescence 1. Early adolescents start to build up a superior ability for more logical reasoning and abstract thought. 2. Teens often demonstrate the following signs of cognitive development: A. Capacity to follow more intricate directions B. Cause and effect of an action or event become immediate C. Greater ability to articulate needs and emotion V. Late Adolescence 1. Teenagers expand their capability to focus on a one task for prolonged time periods 2. Teenagers also have broad and to some extent integrated awareness in various content domains....
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Week 3 checkpoint - irrelevant stimuli 2 They have an...

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