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Ethic Reflection Paper - Running head: ETHICS 1 Ethics...

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Running head: ETHICS 1 Ethics Reflection Paper Barbara Cousins STR 581 University of Phoenix 13 December 2010
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Running head: ETHICS 2 Ethics play a critical role in corporate responsibility. As corporations experienced consumer and legal pressure from business failures because of a lack of ethical behavior in some companies, ethical standards have become more proliferate. Companies include ethical statements in their mission and values statements as well as require employees to sign ethical standards. Strategic plans incorporate the company’s code of ethics to provide future long-term goals on maintaining ethical behavior. Pearce and Robinson (2011) define ethics as “The moral principles that reflect society’s beliefs about the actions of an individual or a group that are right and wrong” (p. 74). In a global business world, however, what constitutes as “right and wrong” may differ between cultures. Understanding the values of one culture will require managers to communicate human welfare values and agree on moral issues. Every chief executive officer (CEO), manager, supervisor, and employee have a set of moral values by which decisions are made. Recognizing the difference in these values is the first step in developing a strategic plan whereby human welfare remains a
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Ethic Reflection Paper - Running head: ETHICS 1 Ethics...

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