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obama social network

obama social network - Gustavo de Los ngeles CMS 11 Sec...

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Gustavo de Los Ángeles CMS 11, Sec. 4506w Prof: A. Joseph The Social Network Election Obama’s campaign is considering the first social media election. The election of 2008 was very popular, user of facebook, YouTube, twitter and others were updating pictures and videos about themselves in order to show them on those social networks and websites and show how much they enjoy voting. Also users were writing their opinion and though about the candidates. The 2008 election was the one that younger people vote that’s why a lot of old voters that always vote were surprise by seen all this young people on the vote centers making use of their right voting, most of them were recording videos in order to uploaded on YouTube others were texting and sending photos to their personal sites. “That peer to peer contact is a core part of actually driving voter turnout and behavior” says Chris Kelly. Also YouTube was a very important tool on that campaign because they were broadcasting Barack Obama and john
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