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Social Work 200 - • What do you think might be some...

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Reflect on your interest and/or knowledge of the social work profession and  if/how you think the profession might be a good fit with your interests, personality,  and/or major. Elaborate further on your reasoning for taking the course, why you  think what you think about the profession, and how it might be related to your  future interests. Some questions to get you going may include the following: • What qualities and/or characteristics of the social work profession seem to fit  best with you? Why? • Who or what has shaped your understanding of the profession?
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Unformatted text preview: • What do you think might be some important or deciding factors in helping you to determine if this would be a vocation you would choose? • How might you apply social work values and concepts to your potential future educational/vocational choices? Use and integrate the course material – lecture, discussions and readings – to show a depth of understanding. See “Homework Guidelines” for further elaboration about homework evaluation criteria....
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