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Think and reflect further about this unit’s topics, readings and activities regarding  social welfare, poverty, populations-at-risk and social and economic justice  • Integrate and respond specifically to  at least two  of the readings (McIntosh,  DeParle, Scalzi, Ehrenreich, and Chapter 3, 6, 7, and 8 of the text),  AND  our in- class or out-of-class discussions or activities (e.g., poverty line budget  discussion, poverty simulation exercise,  This American Life  radio excerpt, and/or  discussions). • In your reflection highlight your critical understanding of issues related to  poverty and privilege and its significance for social work.  Be sure to show 
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Unformatted text preview: integration, analysis and critical thinking related to social welfare, social justice, economic justice and at-risk populations. The purpose of this reflection is for you to think critically about the issues and experiences presented during the past five weeks of the course and for you to demonstrate your critical understanding of the effects and responses regarding how our society considers social welfare and social justice. Our intent is that through the actions of writing and reflecting about your experiences and responses to the course material, you will recognize how your learning and thinking has been impacted....
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