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SOCW 200- homework 4 - case/situation and your potential...

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Homework #4: Child welfare, case study Chose any  ONE  of the four cases (see attachment) and provide  recommendations and a plan of action as if you were the social worker assigned  to the case.  Also reflect on how your personal values or experiences have  affected your decision about the case.  Be sure to make connections to the  readings as you write up your integrative reflection.  (3 pages, double spaced) 1. Discuss your understanding of the systemic issues and ways to consider the 
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Unformatted text preview: case/situation and your potential actions. 2. Provide an assessment of the immediate situation, an understanding of the identified client and assess the degree of harm and the ongoing risk of harm to the child(ren). 3. Make a decision on whether the child should remain safely in the home, should be placed in out-of-home care, other considerations, and a plan for service. Defend your decision(s)....
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