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Paper Prompt #2. Read the excerpt from Yu Jianrong's 2010 lecture (available in PDF format on the class Compass website) and answer the following questions in a 6-page response paper (double-spaced text, in 12-point font). The format is the same as the first assignment, e.g. first write a brief outline (about a page or so), and then write your 6-page response. You may answer the questions in order, or as a single, unified essay, whichever you prefer. Unlike the first paper, this one requires a bit more research. Find at least three sources of information (on the web or in any other form) to support your arguments, and cite your sources (either APA or MLA format is fine, just pick one format and stick with it). It's fine to have more sources, but three is the minimum. The only limitation is that these sources should not come from the lecture itself, but from your own research. Due date: The first draft (outline + rough draft) is due in one week ( Friday, February 11 ). 1. The US mainstream media is full of Cold War stereotypes about how China is a brutal one-
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