CHLH 206- Lecture 4 - Stages leading up to...

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February 3, 2011 Techniques- 1) Women and auto-eroticism (hasten time in plateau.climax) 2) Men can extend plateau periods through auto-erotic methods 3) Same desired partner increased contro 4) With more age there is more control Withdrawal Method- practiced worldwide relies on the man’s practiced control and awareness of sexual response about ¼ couples have become pregnant because of error in the withdrawal method about 1/25 couples have become pregnant using the method correctly Julian Assange- He was charged with a sex offense for failing to control ejaculation when he was having sex, the condom broke, and the woman told hm to stop. In Sweden, this is against the law Italy (Proto)- At the turn of the century, Italy had the lowest birthrate. This is because they practice the withdrawal method. Birth control and abortions are also legal here.
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Unformatted text preview: Stages leading up to fertilization-Oocyte/Ovum is fertile for up to 24 hours Sperm travels to the uterus Capacitation is the altering state from ejaculation to ovulation One sperm will enter the egg zygote divides into 100 cells blastophere (the multiple growth of cells that must attach to the uteran wall where it transforms into an embryo until 8 weeks and it transforms into a fetus Genetic Tests-ultrasound scan alpha-fetoprotein test (AFP) or multiple marker test chronic fluid biopsy increased level of chromosomic hormone from the placental association with chromosomal disorders amniocentesis umbilical blood sampling Genetic Disorders (ex)-cystic fibrosis sickle cell anemia hemophilia A Duchenne muscular dystrophy Tay-Sachs disease...
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CHLH 206- Lecture 4 - Stages leading up to...

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