CHLH 206- lecture 7 - more aggressive traits (ex: law) In...

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February 22, 2011 Gender Roles (Read Chapter 5) 1. in advertising and film 2. concepts 3. measurement in adults 4. measurement in children Personal Attributes Questionnaire measures how aggressive a woman is Behavioral Scripts that are gender-typed sexual scripts nurturance scripts competitive scripts Androgyny “The meaning of masculine and feminine traits feelings, and qualities in balance in an individual’s personality.” Ben Sex Role Inventory (1976) 1. self-reliant 2. yielding 3. helpful Results: those with highest “feminine” typed self-schemas also more responsive to kittens. Those with highest “masculine” are least responsive. Sexism Discourages men from pursuing careers that emphasize care (ex: nursing) Discourages women from pursuing careers that emphasize
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Unformatted text preview: more aggressive traits (ex: law) In the home: men avoid housework and childcare women perform disproportionately more housework Social Learning Theory (Albert Bandura) Reinforcement Observation Cognitive Development Theory (Larry Kohlberg) gender identity gender stereotype knowledge gender constancy gender evaluation Teachers as Socializing Agents reinforce boys more in math reinforces girls more as classroom helpers Girls are less than boys in high school and college math courses in term of performance when boys get a B in math, they think its good, but its not the same with women. Size of difference in math scores has decreased over time...
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CHLH 206- lecture 7 - more aggressive traits (ex: law) In...

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