CHLH 206- lecture 14

CHLH 206- lecture 14 - Behavioral combination of classical...

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April 12, 2011 verbal sexual sadism (verbal humiliation) lady gaga- born this way one person dominates and the other submits carefully controlled by shared and elaborate scripts power is the central element bondage and discipline Serial killings are a small portion of total homicides Ted Bundy- Seattle, Washington he carried a pipe in the back of his car necrophilia- he had sex with the women when they died Ed Gein Tony Perkins in Psycho Plainfield, WI gave the town a reputation serial killer/ cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer killed men boys only had sex with them when they were unconscious/ dead Profiles of serial killers white, me, employedm, psychiatric, sexually abused Psychoanalytic frozen in oral aggressive stage of psychosexual development excessive punishment for masturbation during the genital stage
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“displaced matricides”- children want to kill their mothers
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Unformatted text preview: Behavioral combination of classical conditioning and operant learning arousal+ womens clothing = conditioned responses Psychobiological nearly 70% of killers on death row had a serious head injury Sociocultural how does society create conditions are the rates the same across cultures Jonbenet-Ramsey Phase 1- no nurturance/ discipline Phase 2- physical/ sexual abuse Phase 3- antisocial, narcissistic, low impulse control Phase 4- obsession with control IQ range 80-130 Close to none (serial killings) canada soviet union japan chile high rates of (serial killings) USA russia united kingdom mexico Sexual functioning barriers ro please 1) low levels of desire 2) physical discomfort 3) orgasm difficulty Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Sexual Aversion Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Female/ Male Orgasmic Disorder Vaginismus...
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CHLH 206- lecture 14 - Behavioral combination of classical...

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