CHLH 206- lecture 16 - risky alcohol and drug use Discharge...

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April 19, 2011 Chapter 15- STIs 25 STI in circulation today, & STis are the most common infectious disease category today 3 types: viral- noncurable, treatable bacterial- curable parasitic- curable Asymptomatic no early symptoms symptoms are ignored and untreated By age 25, 50 % of Americans have had an STI 19 million new cases a year higher for minorities more easily to women (transmission) 15% of Gonnorhea cxases result in PID Chlamydia: discharrge. .. abdominal pain PID infertility HPV: small warts around the vagina undetected cervical cancer **available and recommend for young women**
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parents are usually in denial greater risk due to-- multiple sex partners failure to use a condom barriers to preventable services **infants can become infeted thru the birth canal* use C-section factors-- BEHAVIORAL, SOCIAL, BIOLOGICAL early initiation inconsistent/ incorrect condom use substance abuse lack of knowledge the partners having too many
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Unformatted text preview: risky alcohol and drug use Discharge diseases-- HIV, chlamydia, trichomenaisis Genital ulcer diseases-- Herpes, Syphilis, HPV Bacterial STIs-- curable with antibiotics chlamydia is most common in the U.S. transmission: oral, vaginal, anal Syphilis 1st stage: (chancre) sores on the genitals 2nd stage: skin rash 3rd stage: (latency) damage to internal organs, paralysis, dementia, blindness, death treatment- antibiotics (of caught early enough) transmission TUSKEGEE STUDY (1932) African American sharecroppers with syphilis left them untreated GUATEMALA STUDY (1946) took prisoners and soldiers made them have sex with prostitutes recorded the effects eventually gave treatment **1947 diagnosis for syphilis was available Viral STIs are not curable HPV has more than 100 strains Gardasil is the vaccine for cervial cancer vectors for other diseases...
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CHLH 206- lecture 16 - risky alcohol and drug use Discharge...

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