CHLH 206- lecture 18 - Tanzania girls who marry their...

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April 26, 2011 HIV sexual conflict needles/ IDU mother to child Psychological other STIs Behavioral multiple sex partners substance abuse Syndemic of all AIDS cases are from gay men in the United States African Pandemic of people in subsaharan African live with HIV/AIDS entire villages have been reduced by 75% because of HIV/ AIDS survivors are the very young and the very old There is a high risk for 19 year old women in Tanzania for HIV/AIDS 7% of these women have the disease HIV converts into AIDS in 3 to 10 years you will be dead in 1-2 years after that Among raped women, 20% are HIV positive by age 25
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Unformatted text preview: Tanzania girls who marry their assailant are 4 times more likely to contract HIV The assailant is either killed or accepted into the clan African HIV Syndemic (Herpes & HIV & sexual abuse) Botswana has the highest rate of HIV ith of the people having ⅓ the disease Sexual Assault may result in death no anti-retroviral drugs are available HIV testing HIV+ means there are antibodies present HIV- means there are no antibodies present HIV is detectable 2-6 months after exposure HAART highly active antiretroviral therapy reduces the amound of virus in the blood HAART gives a person 13 more years to live almost 25 years of life after the initial infection...
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CHLH 206- lecture 18 - Tanzania girls who marry their...

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