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Afro 199- term review sheet - AFRO 199 Revised Term Review...

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AFRO 199 Revised 2/3/11 Term Review Sheet Bicultural : The combination of two cultures. An immigrant in the United States may form a bicultural identity in which they combine aspects of their home culture with aspects from American culture. (See Tatum page 139) Emissary : Strategy used by achieving Black students in which they see their achievements as advancing the cause of their racial group. (See Tatum page 64) Racelessness : A strategy used by academically successful Black students to find acceptance among other White classmates. These students will assimilate into the dominant group by de- emphasizing characteristics that might identify them as members of the subordinate group. (See Tatum page 63) Nigresence Theory : Dr. William Cross's 5 phase developmental theory of forming a black identity. He called this theory Nigrescence, which is translated as: “the process of becoming Black." The five stages progress as follows: 1. Pre-encounter 2. Encounter 3. Immersion 4. Emersion 5. Internalization Pre-encounter
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